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R A Ramamani

R.A.Ramamani is a reputed ground breaking vocalist in the Carnatic music scenes. Being the Indo-Jazz pioneers in Asia, she is also the first woman to present Avadhana Pallavi in front of the legends of Carnatic Music at Karnataka Gana Kala Parishat in 1974. Her creative and innovative approach towards music led her to collaborate with top musicians from all over the Globe. She is the first and foremost woman to present Konnakol (Voice Percussion) in a concert. Her contribution in spreading the Carnatic music worldwide has been widely praised. She introduced “Raga and Tala” to Western Musicians which in turn has brought them to India to learn Indian music. She is the Vice-Principal of “Karnataka College of Percussion”.

The Mani Family

Vid T.A.S Mani, Vid R.A Ramamani and Vid Karthik Mani
-The Hindu, 2015

To build a music school, nurture it for 50 years and have World musicians playing in festival is something only Mani Duo can be doing.
Ron Reeves
It’s always a great thing to mix music and get the best, glad to be part of this World Festival.
Marc Inti
Bass Player

"The Ramamani Quartet"

This fusion band is led by Vid R.A Ramamani. Jazz Solos, Carnatic Improvisations, Voice Percussions, Jugalbandhis form a part of their repertoire. The rhythm in the band is held together by Drums, Frame Drums, World Percussion and the music has Carnatic, Hindustani, Jazz, Folk influences and more in it.

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